Making the most of your time at University

Hi all,

It’s now week 8 and to be honest, time just seems to fly by, 3 more weeks and you would have completed your first term at university. That is why it is very important to make the most of your time at university because trust me these next 3 or 4 years will literally just fly by. I’ve decided to write a poem for this blog, just thought I should try something different. Hope you enjoy it 🙂




University is a place where many come to gain independence. To discover themselves. To grow wings and fly to great heights.  It’s a place where lifelong friends are made. A place of happiness and joy.


But it can also be quite a lonely and stressful place.


Moving away from home can be very difficult, leaving behind your family and friends. Leaving behind your comfort zone… into a world of the unknown.  All this for a better tomorrow. Sometimes you sit and ask yourself, is it really worth it? When you see some of your friends who decided not to go to university living it up… they have their own money and they’re certainly not accumulating the kind of debt that you are.


Sometimes the workload just gets too much and you just want to throw in the towel and just give up.University can get so stressful at times, especially when you allow the work load to pile up-“I’ll do the work tomorrow” is what you’ve been telling yourself for the last 8 weeks.


But you know what, better late than never. This is the time for you to turn around your life and make the most of your time at university by being the best that you can possibly be. This is the time for you to put your head down and draw out a 1, 2 or maybe even a 3 year plan for yourself, because in this life you only get one shot, “opportunity knocks once in a lifetime”.


So make the most of your time at university by making everyday count! In the words of Nickelback – you have to live each day as if it “Was Your Last”.