Moving to University

Moving to university can be a real daunting experience. As the thoughts of actually going to university starts to become more real, you will find that you’ll suddenly have lots of questions to ask, questions you just may not have really thought about before. Like what will my flatmates be like? Will I fit in with everyone else? How will I cope with living on my own?

I remember last year when I first moved into university and to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. But I remember being so happy that I was leaving home in order to pursue a brighter future and learn to become more independent. But when I got there I felt really homesick which is perfectly normal as most students will feel that way in the first couple of weeks of having started university. A good way to overcome this homesickness is by taking lots of pictures of your family and friends, so that whenever you miss them you can just look at their pictures and know that you’re not alone. But most importantly try to keep regular contact with your family and friends through phone calls, text messages or social media.


In terms of flatmates there is no real guarantee as to what they will be like, because it is really mixed bag, but most of the students that come to Aston university are really friendly individuals, so don’t worry too much about who you’ll be living with for the next one year as chances are they will tend to be decent people. Fresher’s week is a really good time to get to know your flatmates and really bond with them as this is the one week where you don’t have lectures or exam revision, so make the most of it and get to know your flatmates. A really good tip is to swap numbers with all your flatmates, as you never know when you might lose or misplace your key card and as such can’t get into your flat, so at least that way you’ll have someone to call onto for help.


Don’t worry too much about fitting in, because as I already mentioned before the students at Aston are incredibly friendly, plus there are loads of different clubs and societies to join and make new friends, so fitting in shouldn’t be a problem at all. At the end of Fresher’s week there is normally a Fresher’s fair, which is the time to join a few clubs and societies. I use the word a few because it is essential that you do not get carried away and join loads of societies because quite frankly you won’t have the time to attend all of them because once lectures start you’ll have course works and class tests and exams which will all contribute to your overall mark at the end of the year. Unlike secondary school and Sixth Form/College there are no such things as mock exams at University, so it is really important that you work hard for all your exams and coursework regardless of what percentage of the module it contributes to because every little percentage counts.


Coping on your own can be a bit hard at first. Especially as you won’t have Mummy and Daddy to wake you up in the morning, make you breakfast, lunch and dinner and do your laundry amongst many other things. University is the time when you really learn to appreciate your parents, because it is only when you start living on your own do you realise just how much your parents do for you.

But not to worry by the end of the year you would have learnt a lot about yourself and you’ll be better able to cope with living on your own and becoming Mr/Miss INDEPENDENT. Good luck for the new academic year and I’m sure that you’re going to absolutely love university life- Freedom at last 🙂